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Singles (Click on next to a song title to hear a 30 second clip)
Year Label   Title Highest Chart Position
1961 Motown 1008 Whole Lotta Woman  
      Come On And Be Mine  
1961 Motown 1012 The Stretch  
1962 Gordy 7005 Do You Love Me R&B #1, Top 40 #3, Hot 100 #2
    Move Mr. Man  
1962 Gordy 7012 Shake Sherry R&B #21, Pop 43
    You Better Get In Line  
1963 Gordy 7016 Don't Let Her Be Your Baby  
    It Must Be Love  
1963 Gordy 7019 You Get Ugly  
    Pa I Need A Car  
1964 Gordy 7029 Can You Do It R&B #41
      I'll Stand By You  
1964 Gordy 7037 The Day When She Needed Me R&B #37
    Can You Jerk Like Me R&B #15, Pop 47
1965 Gordy 7044 First I Look At The Purse R&B #12, Pop 57
    Searching For A Girl  
1966 Gordy 7052 Just A Little Misunderstanding R&B #18, Pop 85
1967 Gordy 7059 It's So Hard Being A Loser R&B #35, Pop 79
    Your Love Grows More Precious Every Day  
1974 TMG 886 Baby Hit And Run  
    Can You Jerk Like Me  
2003   Hello Detroit  

Year Label Title
1962 Motown Do You Love Me
1996 Hot Productions The Very Best
1998   Great Dirty Dancing Hits
1999 Motown The Very Best of the Contours [Original Recording Remastered]
2000 Spectrum Essential Collection
2000 The Orchard A New Direction
2003 Universal 20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection
2003 Middle Earth The Contours Live II

The works of THE CONTOURS have appeared in hundreds of compilations over the years and it is impossible to list all of them here. A few of the best selling compilations that include hits from THE CONTOURS are listed below:
Year Label Title Track
1987 RCA More Dirty Dancing (1987 Film Additional Soundtrack) Do You Love Me
1989 RCA Dirty Dancing Live In Concert Get Ready
      Higher and Higher
      Cry to Me
      Do You Love Me
1992 Motown Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 Do You Love Me
1999 RCA Dirty Dancing; More Dirty Dancing Do You Love Me
2000 Polygram Records Motown-The Classic Years Do You Love Me
2003 RCA Ultimate Dirty Dancing Do You Love Me
2007 Motown Motown: The Early Years (DVD) Do You Love Me
      Just A Little Misunderstanding

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